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released May 2, 2015

recorded at Hubraum Karlsruhe



all rights reserved


wreck Landau, Germany

three piece doom band since 2011

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Track Name: Coils of Leviathan
Wriggling serpent, creature without fear
Nothing on earth is his equal
Keeper to the gates of the mouth of hell
Overseer of man's wolf-like nature

Live without state is nasty, brutish and short.
Man is man's wolf – war of war against all.
Abuse of power – the price for peace.
Fear is the weapon that keeps you under control.

Around his teeth unspeakable terror;
His heart is hard as stone;
His eyes like the rays of dawn.
The principle of trias politica.

Confederacy of deceivers takes dominion over man.
A kingdom of darkness ruled by the beast of many eyes.
Despotic constriction – the coils grow tight
Under the banner of public security.

Any hope of subduing him is false;
The mere sight of him is overpowering.
The sword that reaches him cannot avail
Too strong and tightly sealed are his scales.
Track Name: The Eichmann cometh
The safest road to hell
is the gradual one -
the gentle slope,
soft underfoot,
without sudden turnings,
A descent unfelt

Mystery Babylon
little Eichmanns behind their desks

Bureaucracy Babylon
system of the grotesque

Pave the way to a Brave New World
Complicit to systems of immorality
Orchestrators of another Holocaust
by accepting the premises of the state.
When will you be called into account?
Track Name: Shipwrecked
The ocean, the sea, never ending blue
we're floating, we're steering
aren't we way off course?

Our compass is broken
the captain's mind's overboard
the maps are false
the rigging's lost

shipwrecked in the ocean of life
the rigging is broken
we're lost forever
Track Name: Mesmerized
Wide is the gate and broad is the road
Abound with the mass of perdition
Walking the path of the least resistance
A people lacking knowledge and vision
Receive the mark/666 under your skin
The Seal of our species' demise/ To seal our species' demise
Conform to the system that binds you in chains
Submit to the father of lies

Mesmerized by illusions
We're falling prey to a soulless elite
The lies we were raised to believe
Lead to a fool's paradise that we consider living

Content in our cages
We'll be lead to the slaughter like sheep
The madness to conformity
To a fool's paradise that we consider living

We willingly forfeit the right to be free
for bread and games and convenience
lured into snares set by unseen hands
forced into slavish obedience
Through lethargy we are bound to become
Serfs to a system of total control
Despots posing as angels of light
imprison the body, enthralling the soul

Content in our cages
At the mercy of a soulless elite
We sheeple embrace
a fool's paradise that we consider living
Under surveillance
Of Satan's all seeing eye
Existence reduced
To a fool's paradise that we consider living
Track Name: Coven of Mammon
The witches assemble on mountains
Of glass, concrete and steel.
The witches' Sabbath commences
As they invoke avarice and greed.
Silver, paper and gold exalted
To the status of the Most High.
Unjust monetary gain -
In this demon god they all trust.

Rites arcane beyond control
To gain the world but loose your soul.
The unjust treasures for which you lust
Destroyed in the end by moth and rust

Carried up from the depths of hell
On the back of an infernal Wolf;
Coming to inflame the human heart
With craving and with greed.
Bull and bear chained to his leash.
The law of the market - his own device.
Mammon, Prince of Hell -
Lord of Avarice

Human flesh consumed – at their Black Masses
The witches soaring high - through the spells of white lines
Possessed witches insane – voracious as starving wolves
Euphoria or depression – prices rise and fall

Buy and sell – submit to the laws of the market
Disaster or prosperity – unpredictable deity
Mass hysteria – Loss of reason and self
Maenadic frenzy unleashed – All are one in the Coven

The witches assemble on mountains
Of glass, concrete and steel.
The witches' Sabbath is brought to an end
by their own avarice and greed.
Black magic and witchery
Too much for man to master.
The backlash of demonic force
Lures the world into disaster.